After Enrolling With Us

Students Go From Being Anxious & Shy To Feeling Safe & Calm


UK - Key Stage 3

Enrolled in march 2020

main challenges

Was a very bright student that would get very shy and anxious due to the nature of the physical school environment. This meant Anaya wouldn’t be able to concentrate in class. Her physical school didn’t pay attention to this and just expected Anaya to “get on with it”.

How she's Doing now

Anaya has made fantastic progress and has really broke out of her shell and even wanted to challenge herself and is now helping TheOnlineSchool.UK to create motivational videos for other children, as a living testament that they can improve their confidence and stay calm under intense situations too!


UK - Key Stage 2

Enrolled In October 2021

main challenges

Had loads of potential but unfortunately the physical school that Alex was at was not able to get the best out of him, due to large class sizes and very hostile children who would make it hard for him to concentrate.

How he's Doing now

Alexander is now doing really well as he is in classes where they are never really more than 10 students per class. His teachers really know him, his needs and as a result are able to connect with him properly. Also with it being online, we are able to control any bad behaviour from other students, so Alex’s focus has improved massively too.


Malta - Key Stage 3

enrolled in September 2021

main challenges

Finn’s family were travelling a lot and it made it hard for Finn to make friends, begin to grow a passion for a specific subject and ultimately work out what he wants to do for his GCSEs.

How he's Doing now

Finn has become a very popular student amongst the classes he’s in, so undoubtedly he’s got a lot of friends now. Finn also studies Coding with us and has learnt to make his own computer game, so for now he’s thinking about becoming a game developer for Ubisoft in the future.

With TheOnlineSchool.UK

Students will go from

being shy, anxious & nervous


being happy, confident & resilient

"...I really like all my teachers..."
Student - Key Stage 2 (UK)
"...I want to thank The Online School for helping us to continue learning..."
Student - Key Stage 3 (Zambia)

Meet Talha, age 19.
He left school when he was 12 due to bullying surrounding his hearing impairment. The Online School was able to support him with private lessons with a speech and language therapist.

Talha left formal education at the age of 12 due to bullying he faced due to his hearing impairment. He then moved to Dubai, UAE where education is very expensive. 

Talha’s mother was able to reach out to The Online School and was able to get private lessons from a dedicated speech and language therapist.

"..I love it.."
Student - Age 19 (UAE)

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