Zero tolerance policy when it comes to bullying

Bullying is horrible and TheOnlineSchool.UK doesn’t stand for it. We have heard too many stories about parents who are worried about their child’s safety walking from home after school or concerned that they may get involved with the wrong crowd. 


But by having your child attending TheOnlineSchool.UK, you as a parent are able to have full control and confidence over your child’s schooling routine. 


Other reasons that your child will be safe at TheOnlineSchool.UK are:


  • They are in classrooms that have a zero tolerance policy for bad behaviour
  • The classroom chatbox doesn’t allow the sharing of emails, telephone numbers or rude words
  • We have additional members of staff in each class for additional peace of mind
  • No traveling required, so you can be at ease that they are safe
  • They will be in classes with children who may have had similar experiences to them, thus helping them feel less lonely


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