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Student Mental Health

We understand that the pandemic, consecutive lockdowns, PCR tests and the rest can all leave anyone feeling a bit strange let alone a child. So it is why we have our mental health support officers who are here to make sure your child is happy and growing at TheOnlineSchool.UK


At the Student Mental Health Hub, students:


– Receive regular mental health checks to ensure we know how they are feeling and can help work with parents to ensure we stay on top of making their child’s emotions our priority to support.


  • Are reviewed in terms of their goals and dreams to ensure they remain inspired and motivated.

  • Are given guidance and techniques on how to better manage their mental health.


Speak to your parent account manager to ensure you can gain access to the Student Mental Health Hub or Call us on 0203 488 9760

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You will also receive a homeschooling guide for all ages.


For any inquiries please email or reach out to us on social media