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Frequently Asked Questions

These includes Maths, English Language, English Literature, Science (Double Award), Triple Science, History, Geography, Spanish, Coding and Psychology.

We also offer Life Skills & Assembly.

For English Literature we cover:

An Inspector Calls-
J.B. Priestly

Macbeth- William

The Strange Case
of Dr Jekyll and Mr
Hyde- Robert Louis

For English Language:

Fiction & Imaginative Writing 

Non-Fiction & Transactional Writing

These includes Maths, English Language, English Literature, Science (Double Award), Triple Science, History, Geography, Spanish, Coding and Psychology.

We also offer Life Skills & Assembly.

We will help you understand when your child is ready to sit their exams. We will help you find the right test centre local to you. You will just need to make the booking and ensure your child attends the centre on time. 

We cover the iGCSE which is essentially the same as the GCSE but without coursework. There are a few differences in terms of the weighting of papers etc but colleges will not see these qualifications as different. We have successfully had students get to university after getting IGCSEs and their A-Levels.

We do not believe in doing a single assessment to measure a child’s performance, especially since their anxiety may not allow them to perform as well as they could have done. Rather we use the first month of your child’s learning to conduct an on-going assessment and use this to establish their current level. We will then conduct regular in class assessments (formal and informal) to help monitor their progress throughout the year. Parents will be able to see this progress within the reporting section of your child’s dashboard. 

We do not assign students into sets as we feel that this puts a ceiling on the potential achievement of a child. Rather we group children together by key stage which allows students to become motivated and inspired by each other. It also allows for shy students to hear answers to questions that more confident students may ask. 

The teacher will also differentiate the lessons accordingly to ensure that the content being covered is challenging enough for everyone in the class. If a child is becoming disengaged in a class because the content is too easy for them or too difficult then we will discuss this with the parent to see if they are comfortable with their child going into a higher or lower key stage.

During school term time you can register for a FREE trial lesson or a paid trial week.

During the summer holidays we will have the occasional trial lesson so parents can get a taster of our service before school opens again in September. 

You can also see examples of our lessons by visiting the lesson snippets page

This is very common and also very easy to do with us. You can subscribe to the Base Plan which includes Maths, English & Science and then you can add additional subjects. 

To see the exact pricing for your desired package please click here. Prices for additional subjects will vary based on Annual or Half Termly contracts.

That’s no problem as enrolment with us is open all year round. You will only be charged for the period from when you start learning at pro-rata.

Our curriculum is designed in such a way that each topic will be independent of the previous topic where possible. And that each year group will increase in detail on the same topics. 

For example, Algebra may be covered in certain year groups, but as the year groups increase, the level of detail in which they explore algebra will also increase.

We will also provide your child with recordings of the topics they have missed. 

That is no problem whatsoever! We will just swap over your package, you will receive the respective discounts for adding in more lessons and we will cancel your old plan. Just give us a call or email and we would love to assist.

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