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Our Students Range From 7-16 Years Of Age, And We Help Our Students To:

what do we do

We Are Not A Mainstream Schooling Experience Online, We Are A Home Education Solution That Is Designed To Make Education Fun And Easy To Access For Your Child

We take the time to help our students feel empowered, motivated individuals who have the skills and the confidence to get what they want from life


Your Child Matters To The Online School

who we are

"We want to create confident, resilient young adults who can make the most of their life."

Welcome to The Online School

The Online School was created as a response to COVID-19 pandemic which caused a global lockdown. We were able to prove that quality education can be accessed by all no matter where you are even if that is in a remote village as long, as you have a laptop and an internet connection.

Our dream is simple, but entirely necessary. We wish to support, serve and nurture our students as our priority. This means ensuring we don’t fail where other institutions may fall short or try to impress only for the sake of OFSTED inspections. We want to create confident, resilient young adults who can make the most of their life.

Since the beginning we have delivered over 15,000 lessons to students across 25 different countries in 2020 alone. Going forward, we want to be the leader in online education excellence, empowering our students and giving each individual an educational structure that suits their needs.

As part of our efforts to effect a positive and meaningful change to education, we continue to provide support for vulnerable communities with free education programmes. Feel free to reach out if you wish to support this.

Finally, enjoy your time exploring our website, contact us if you have any questions, and until then we look forward to embracing your child as we help them to harness and unleash their potential.

Ali Latif


how do we do it

We take the time to help our students feel empowered, motivated individuals who have the skills and the confidence to get what they want from life.

We’re not a mainstream schooling experience online, we are a home education solution that is designed to make education fun and easy to access for your child.

Here's What Our Parents Have Said About Their Children Attending The Online School


UK - Year 5

“The Life Skills classes have really helped my daughter build up her confidence, which she lost during lockdown.”


Malta - Year 8

“I love the fact we can choose the subjects that I want  Finn to and he can progress at his own pace with teachers who actually care.”


uK - year 4

“I get regular updates about how my son is doing and can use the structure provided to help plan the rest of his life around that.”

Set your child free by giving them an education that works for them

why us

why The Online School?

Our commitment to our students is to ensure they


Will become more Confident, Resilient and Happy

- We conduct regular mental health checks on all of our students to see how they're doing

- Our Life Skills curriculum helps students to understand themselves better and works to provide them with coping skills to tackle life face on

- Our teachers are fun and love to smile and those traits are incredibly contagious!


Have The Practical Skills They Need to succed in Life

- Our Life Skills curriculum guides students to learn skills that will set them up for success in their adult life

- Skills such as autonomy, public speaking, user experience, how to run a business and do your taxes and much more!

- We also help students understand the realities of gang life and substance abuse and help them stay clear from it so they can live a fulfilled and peaceful life


Are Ready to Pass Their UK National Exams

- We cover UK curriculum content for 11+, GCSEs and A-Levels

- We cover all major exam boards i.e. AQA, EdExcel and OCR

- We do regular assessments, provide homework and give students access to lesson recordings so they can stay on top of their learning



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