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The health, safety and mental wellbeing of our students is our priority

Live, Empathetic, Interactive Lessons for Ages 5-18 (UK Curriculum)

On a mission to help students grow through education

We have learning programmes to suit both full time homeschoolers as well students who require extra tuition

Enthusiastic & Empathetic Teachers

Be prepared to meet the world's most energetic and fun teachers, who genuinely care about providing a great experience for their students

0 Tolerance Policy towards Bullying

We have additional members of staff who moderate classes to ensure student safety and are there to ensure everyone behaves whilst having a great time

Stress Free Learning

If your child is nervous or shy, that's totally fine. They are welcome to use the chatbox, microphone and camera in classrooms when they feel like they have the confidence...no rush 🙂


"My child was in a very vulnerable state when I used to send him to his physical school. He would come home with excuses about why he doesn't want to go back tomorrow, this was due to the bullying he was facing. So I had to take him out and put him into The Online School UK and they have been fantastic. He learns the subjects he wants at a pace that is comfortable for him. I'm slowly getting back by bubbly baby boy back!"
"My son became very depressed during the pandemic, but a friend reccommended The Online School UK because of their mental health checks, life skills and coding classes. My son started to learn how to manage her emotions whilst finding a new passion to make video games rather than just playing them all day"

"I really like all my teachers and the lessons they do because they make it so fun. "
Year 4

"I look forward to all my lessons, especially English. My teacher makes them fun and interesting. I have made some really cool friends and everyone is really really nice."
Year 6

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Our learning approach helps students to

Build Confidence

Our friendly teaching faculty will help your children feel comfortable in class and use encouragement to bring the best out of them

Regular Mental Health Checks

We check up on our students regularly to see how they are feeling emotionally. We provide them with support and guidance on how to better manage their emotions

Learn Life Skills

We help students to understand core skills that are necessary to live a confident, positive and prosperous life such as resilience and autonomy

Need to Speak to us about your child?

Call us on 0203 488 9760
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exam focus and extra support

Ways students learn with us

Anaya began with The Online School as a way to keep learning in a fun and interactive way in the first lockdown with full time homeschooling.

Since restrictions in London we lifted, Anaya was able to go back to her original Primary School. However she still receives 2 lessons a week in Maths and English as those are her favourite subjects. She does these lessons after school and are aimed at making sure she is confident with her homework and the content she is covering in school.

She is working hard and wants to get a good foundation as she will be preparing for the 11+ examination with The Online School soon.

Or you can search our database of qualified teachers and book at a private “one to one” lesson at a time that suits you.

homeschooling and subject support

Ways students learn with us

Finlay is a homeschooling student who couldn’t find the resources he needed to help him improve in maths. 

The Online School was able to provide Finlay with a formalised lesson plan to help him cover the full UK Maths Curriculum and thrive at it. He now has lessons 3 days a week and is becoming really strong at maths, especially arithmetic. 

Finlay has also taken up Coding as a new challenge and has been part of a project which involves building a video game from scratch.

We only hire enthusiastic teachers that know how to get the best out of children

How to book your

choose your subject

We cover Maths, English, Science, Coding and Life Skills

choose your year group

We teach the UK curriculum for ages 5-18

choose your preferred time slot

We have lesson slots in mornings, after schools and on the weekends

subscribe to a weekly lesson plan

Our weekly lesson plan is £40 a week and gets you 1 live group lesson a week

Weekly Lesson Plan

£ 40
  • 1 lesson a week for 4 weeks.
    Small class sizes.
    UK curriculum
    Covering ages 5-18 Keep lesson recordings for 4 weeks
    Cancel anytime
  • OR
  • to your account to subscribe to your own weekly lesson plan
  • Simply, GO to your dashboard

    1 - Select "Book Group Lessons"
    2 - Select "Book a Regular Class Slot"
    3 - Choose the subject and year group
    4 - Choose lesson timing
    5 - Subscribe to reserve your place
    6 - Log back in when it's time for your lessons to start

Still have some questions? Checkout our parent FAQs below.

When enrolling for a weekly lesson plan It says that the lesson date hasn’t been updated. What does this mean?

Some classes that have not yet begun their first class may not have a “next lesson” date. Not to worry, you can still enrol to that lesson. Your lessons will be automatically added and your lessons will start within 7 days.


Will there be homework?

Yes! All of our teachers will be issuing homework and follow up tasks for students to complete and return for their teachers to review. 


How big are the class sizes?

Our class sizes do not exceed 10, however if we feel that classes that are smaller than 10 are not productive then we will even split those classes into smaller groups to ensure everyone is learning.

What Our Students Say About Us:

"I look forward to all my lessons, especially English. My teacher makes them fun and interesting."
Malta - Year 8
"What I like most about my lessons is that they are interactive and interesting. I particularly enjoy Chemistry, Maths and English and that is because my teachers are engaging."
UK - Year 8
"I really like all my teachers and the lessons they do because they make it so fun"
UK - Year 5
"I'm able to get lessons online from really caring teachers"
Zambia - Year 7
"I have been able to rebuild my confidence and continue to learn even when school is closed"
UAE - Year 10
"I like The Online School because the teachers are friendly and always make sure I've understood the work. I also like the fact that I type my questions or talk to the teacher online. I'm enjoying it, I think it's fantastic"
UK - Year 4

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