Online Mental Health


Take a Break!

Digital Mental Health has become increasingly important ever since the world has shifted towards a more digital and remote way of living, learning and working. 


It is something to take due care and attention to especially when it comes to our children.


Children become lethargic sitting at school all day, now imagine how difficult that becomes for them when they have to sit in front of a screen for a lot of their day.


The digital way of life is a trend and opportunity that is here to stay as it is highly effective, so the best way to move forward is to learn how to properly adapt to these new ways of life in a healthy manner that will promote happiness and mental wellbeing.


Tips that students as well as adults can take to ensure their online mental health remains in tact:


  • Take regular breaks every hour (max) for at least 5 minutes.

  • Ensure your posture, seat, table and screen are all proper so that it doesn’t make your muscles stiff or cause pain.

  • Ensure you don’t work with your brightness on max

  • Try to use pen and paper to take notes and not just rely on your computer

  • Do not use your computer just before you go to bed, allow your brain time to switch off as you wind down

  • Practice mindfulness

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