Racism and Politics


Everyone is Equal 🙂

Unfortunately students can become insecure, hurt and offended by hearing what others may comment based on someone’s race or political view. 


Firstly, we must outright say that TheOnlineSchool.UK is a place for every single person that is alive on this earth. We believe in inclusion to the absolute highest level and have a zero tolerance policy anyone who is to say anything racist or politically unkind. We have additional members of staff who monitor our classrooms and chats to ensure no one is saying anything controversial or offensive.


We believe that humans, animals and wildlife from all walks of life are to be loved, valued, respected and honored. And if at any point any of our students violate this core principle, we will help educate them and ask for them to accept their mistake and apologise, provided they do so then we will give them a final chance. Because if we don’t allow people to learn from mistakes then they will probably never learn, so we need to show compassion at times even when there isn’t much given out from others!

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