don’t worry

Anxiety is totally natural

Anxiety can be described as a sense of uneasiness, nervousness, worry, or dread of what’s about to happen or what might happen. The difference between fear and anxiety is that anxiety is more about feeling scared about something which hasn’t and is more than likely not going to happen.

And don’t worry! Anxiety is a totally natural human response. You may feel a little bit weird at times in your thoughts, feelings and physical sensations.

 Whenever this happens, the simplest and quickest thing to do is breathe in deeply through your nose and then slowly release your breath over a period of a few seconds… and repeat.

Basically you want to be able to regulate your breathing as soon as possible in order to minimise the feelings of anxiety.. This is because your mind and body are panicking. So by controlling your breathing you will be able to subconsciously convince your mind and body that you are not under attack and have nothing to be worried about 🙂 

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