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We assess students regularly and provide parents with comprehensive reports and feedback from teachers

We follow the UK National Curriculum and we choose to follow specific exam boards normally between Edexcel, AQA an OCR (depending on the subject).

You will have your own dashboard will inform you of all of your lessons. We will also provide you with a weekly report on your child’s progress via email. 

Once you have made a lesson request and payment, we will reach out to you within 24 hours to arrange and confirm your child’s seat for their lessons.

Our teachers have real classroom experience, are recognised by the UK as a qualified teacher, have a passion for teaching and are amazing with children.

For all of our students who are enrolled with us for at least a full term will receive a certificate with their subjects, grades and progress marks. 

Yes! It is not uncommon for home educated pupils to start taking their GCSEs, one per year, from  age 13 and we are able to support that, if it is right for the student and agreed by you.

We run live and interactive online lessons all year round.

Yes! Pupils can and do study with us from all over the world – all that’s needed is an internet connection and a device!


Yes we definitely do! We’ve had students who graduated last year who solely relied on us to help them pass their A-Levels in a year. It’s definitely challenging but if you are determined to put the work in, then we are happy to help you succeed!

We cover all of the standard school subjects such as English, Maths, Sciences, Humanities, Arts, Drama, Music, Languages (including Latin), ESOL, TEFL, Life Skills, Yoga, PE, Psychology and Coding.

We provided fully comprehensive exam based courses (across all major UK exam boards, edexcel, aqa, ocr). These courses are across all subjects and vary in length depending on the student’s current attainment. We do an initial assessment to establish the student’s ability, then build out a learning plan that will support their goals and supplement the learning with exam practice to ensure the student is on target.


The prices of GCSE exam courses start at £180/month per subject in small group classes.


For 1:1 exam preparatory sessions, lessons start at £25/hour. 


All exam fees will be separate from the above cost. We will be able to guide you to find the right examination centre for your child.

We provided fully comprehensive exam based courses for SATs, 11+, Functional Skills, GCSEs & A-Levels.

Yes we do! We teach both IGCSE and GCSE content and help students prepare for both sets of exams.

Indeed we do! The Online School can provide you with a full day of live learning around times that suit you. We also can support students who only need sessions less frequently.

There is no official accreditation for online schooling in the UK just yet. But be sure that as soon as it is that we will be the first ones there to ensure we lead by example. But you can rest assured that we are accredited by the REC to ensure our teacher recruitment practices are strong, all of our teachers have education qualifications that are acknowledged and accepted by the UK.

Every child is different and the approach for each of them should be tailored around their individual needs. Which is why we conduct a FREE assessment for every new student to help us as a school understand where your child’s strengths and weaknesses are. These don’t just include how your child is academically. We also like to see if we can support your child’s social and emotional development as we offer life skills classes to help build out more confident young people.


We will then recommend a learning plan that will be designed to meet your child’s ambitions and goals. That could be to pass an exam, get better at a subject or to become more independent. Whatever the goal, we are here to support 🙂

Yes, here are some links to some recordings of past lessons to give you a flavour. Please do remember though, that recordings are just not the same as a live, vibrant classroom environment. 

We look forward to seeing you in one of our live classes.

Yes of course. We understand that your child’s future and education is nothing to be taken lightly so we want to ensure you are confident in our ability to support your child through their learning journey.

You can click HERE to buy a trial lesson for £12.00

Once you have purchased your lesson, a member of staff will call you to arrange your session within 24 hours.

We follow the UK Curriculum for all of the core subjects: English, Maths, the Sciences, Modern Languages, Geography, History, Art, Latin and Psychology.

We also teach Coding, Life Skills and other extracurricular activities – if you don’t see the subject you are interested in, get in touch with us and we will work with you to get it arranged.

Our maximum class size is 8 to 10, depending on the subject and the needs of the individual students attending.

Every pupil receives a tailor made plan when they join The Online School.  The plan includes goal setting and an initial assessment followed by regular assessments to ensure your child is on target to meet their goals.

Yes! The Online School can provide everything from extra tuition and exam prep sessions to a full online schooling experience.  If you require more than 3 lessons per week, we can put together a bespoke package tailored exactly to your needs.

The teacher checks all homework completed by your child.  Also, all lessons are moderated by a member of the in-house The Online School team to ensure they run smoothly and that the teacher is consistently meeting our high standards.

Our students receive regular assessments to make sure they are on target to reach their individual goals and we issue Certificates of Achievement to help keep them motivated.


Parents receive weekly updates on their child’s progress and we hold an online Open Evening every Tuesday at 6pm BST that you are welcome to join.

All our teachers have experience in teaching students with additional needs.  Our classes are based on ability rather than age group so we can tailor your child’s lessons to their individual needs.

As exams approach, our lessons will be focussed on exam practice, how to answer exam-style questions and ensuring that your child has the knowledge and is fully prepared to achieve the best grades possible.  All you need to let us know is the subject and the exam board.

Yes! We have classes that happen everyday, 7 days a week for Years 1-13.

Yes! You can request for a comprehensive assessment of your child’s progress whilst at The Online School. This report will be good enough for any school to read and be able to understand your child’s strengths, weaknesses and what they need to work on next according to the UK curriculum.

We believe that education should be personalised toward each child's specific needs