Take a Deep Breath in and breathe out slowly whenever you are stressed

Stress is not a very nice feeling and if you don’t choose healthy ways to manage and overcome it then it will impact your quality of life. Stress can occur from physical situations such as sitting in the wrong position for too long or from emotional situations such as getting a bad score in an exam and feeling stressed that you now have to tell your parent about it.


It is important for us adults to acknowledge that children who have anxiety or stress need extra space and time for them to not feel pressured, so that they can feel comfortable and allowed time to grow at their pace.


We also understand that parents want their children to maximise their potential. So we focus on addressing their underlying issues first as these may act as barriers in helping students to truly realise their true potential. We help them by providing them with stress reducing techniques such as guided imagery and lessons that are fun to ensure that they are smiling for at least part of their day 🙂


Smiling is a great remedy for stress.

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