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How to Get Started

Help children, build up your profile and your confidence in using our platform by delivering group lessons

It all begins with registering for a teacher account. Please make sure that you are either a QUALIFIED or TRAINEE teacher. Exceptions can be made for unqualified teachers if you have extensive experience in teaching online.

You will be asked to submit your qualifications in this process and provide references as well as a copy of a recent criminal background check.

We host two sessions for our teachers weekly to help them understand how to use the teacher platform as well as answer any other questions you may have.

Session 1 – Wednesdays @ 6pm UK BST

Session 2 – Fridays @ 4pm UK BST

We also use this session as a way of verifying your identity. So if you’re not going to go on camera in this meeting then you won’t be VERIFIED!


Password: 095123

As part of the application process we need to verify that you meet the minimum teaching standard so we ask all registered teachers to create a 15 minute RECORDED lesson on the platform.

Pretend you have an audience of eager students and teach a topic that will showcase your ability to explain a concept. Remember to make it interactive!

Once your background checks have been completed then your profile will become VERIFIED. This means you will be able to receive private lesson bookings and begin earning money.

Note – You can still update and set your private lesson settings whilst your application is in process. But you will not be able to receive any payment until your account has been VERIFIED.

Improve the chances of you receiving private lesson bookings by delivering group lessons to our regular students. 

You will be able to receive student feedback (in the form of thumbs up and down) as well as a 5 star rating which is awarded by our moderation team.

The student feedback and star rating awards are shown on your private lesson profile.

The various lockdown and school closures have made it difficult for students to learn and many are falling behind as a result. You can help be part of the solution by giving up some time regularly to give online lessons via our platform to students worldwide in the subject you are qualified in.

You will have the ability to deliver lessons and engage in education delivery projects across deprived areas internationally. We work with refugee camps, remote areas and orphanages. 

You will be able to receive lesson bonuses based on performance for the group lessons. These vary between £5-£20/lesson.

Your group lesson performance is highlighted and shown to parents who wish to book you for private 1:1 lessons. You can choose the hourly rate. You will be charged a commission  for each lesson you are booked for. Discounts and commission perks are available for awesome teachers!

As you contribute to The Online School will live lessons your score will change based on metrics such as your reliability and interactiveness. You will also be able to highlight snippets of the lessons you are most proud of. This Video CV can then be shared with potential parents for wish to hire you for private 1:1 tuition or even for your next job!

Join Our Community of Teachers and Educators Who Have Been Helping Students Learning Since The First Lockdown in March 2020

Meet Some of Our Amazing Teachers

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Art & ESOL Teacher

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English Teacher

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English & Maths Teacher

Here's Some of Our Students

"...I really like all my teachers..."
Student - Age 8 (UK)
"...I want to thank The Online School for helping us to continue learning..."
Student - Age 11 (Zambia)

Meet Talha, age 19.
He left school when he was 12 due to bullying surrounding his hearing impairment. The Online School was able to support him with private lessons with a speech and language therapist.

Talha left formal education at the age of 12 due to bullying he faced due to his hearing impairment. He then moved to Dubai, UAE where education is very expensive. 

Talha’s mother was able to reach out to The Online School and was able to get private lessons from a dedicated speech and language therapist.

"..I love it.."
Student - Age 19 (UAE)


We have formulated some amazing partnerships to ensure The Online School can thrive.

Teaching Universities

We have an official partnership with Sheffield Hallam University who have agreed to provide us with teaching staff.

Instagram Teacher Accounts

@teachersforteachers is a popular instagram account (with over 100k followers) that provides engaging content for teachers globally. We’re able to reach out to this engaged audience to supercharge our teaching supply.

International Ambassadors

We have ambassadors for The Online School in 18 countries. They are able to help us better understand the cultural landscape in their respective countries but are also instrumental in helping us to reach out to vulnerable communities within their localities.

Official Charity Partnership

The Online School has teamed up with Team Humanity who primarily help save refugees in Greece. We are working with them to create an “always-on” Online Schooling Hub within Camp Moria (which is home to more than 5,000 children).


For any inquiries please email or reach out to us on social media