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Important Information

Are you the teacher you needed when you were growing up?

We are school without the school! We help students feel safe, happy and confident so that means we have a totally different way of teaching and delivering. 

We don’t put pressure on our students, we don’t tell them off (unless they’re bullying someone), we don’t force them to do anything and we always smile. 

The goal is to be the teacher for these students that you wish you had when you were growing up.

Students need to feel happy and engaged within your lessons. So if they’re left feeling good about themselves and excited about returning back to your lessons then you are the right kind of teacher for us.

You can find out more about how we teach by visiting here

We have a number of subjects that are taught in live, group settings on our own platform.  These sessions happen every week during term time. In order to teach with us you must be able to teach according to the following:

KS2 : All of our timetable

KS3 + KS4 : Teach every lesson according to our timetable for at least 1 subject for both KS3 and KS4 at the times stated on our timetable. 


We require our teaching staff to be based in the UK or Europe as internet stability and timezone alignment is important to us

You need to have a stable and fast internet connection and a reliable laptop/desktop computer that has Google Chrome on it.

No teacher is the finished product and we are in the field of ensuring our students are always satisfied and happy with their teaching experience. So you need to be hungry to learn, open to taking feedback and swift to implement.

This is not just a tutoring or teaching position. Being part of our team means you are representing our school and our overall commitment to ensure this the best school in the world. So we need you to work with our team of teachers, play an active role in developing our curriculum, marking homework, being reachable and looking out for things that could help us all become better educators overall.

In order to resonate and connect with our young people we need you to make them feel safe, heard and comfortable. You can do this by ensuring you are someone who they consider as cool and also be very conscious of the way your voice projects to them. Tone is everything!

How to Get Started

We're always hiring and our recruitment cycle takes on average 1 week to complete for successful candidates!

Please read through this page before applying as it’s very important for us that our staff align with our ethos, values and approach. Also that your lifestyle and commitments won’t conflict with your role here at TheOnlineSchool.UK 

If everything on this page sounds like this is where you belong then please progress to the next stage 🙂

It’s great to hear that you feel that you are well aligned with our values.

Click the apply button at the top of this page and begin to input your details, documentation, subjects you can teach and for what levels as well provide references.

We require teachers to pass a VIBE Check with us.

Send us a 1-3 minute introduction video to, if the file is too big please email us and we will send you a whatsapp number to share this to. 

In the video you should just be yourself and introduce yourself as you would to a brand new class of students.

We’re looking at your presentation, energy, smile and how interesting/engaging you can be in the first few minutes of meeting your students.

We will share this video with our students to see if they like your energy. We are a truly student focussed school, so the students have a say in everything.

If you PASS stage 3, then we will schedule you in for a 20 minute trial lesson with a group of our students. You can choose. to teach any subject of your choice.

In your trial session you will be assessed on your ability to formulate healthy bonds with your students, understand their existing knowledge and hope to part some new knowledge to them.

We will also be paying attention to your ability to teach according to our “How To Engage” Guide along with strong familiarity with the features of our platform.

Once you have successfully completed a fantastic trial lesson with us, we will invite you to sit in on a few live lessons delivered by some of our veteran teachers. 

We will also ask you then reflect and provide feedback on how you could have improved your trial lesson.

If you get here then Congratulations! you are now ready to be part of our amazing team of passionate educators who want to change the world through inspiring our young learners.

You will meet with our Gurus who will provide platform training and access to curriculum and teaching materials.

We will also send you a contract, handbook, your schedule, invitations to team meetings and additional training materials.

Meet Some of Our Amazing Teachers

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Art & ESOL Teacher

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English Teacher

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English & Maths Teacher

Here's Some of Our Students

"...I really like all my teachers..."
Student - Age 8 (UK)
"...I want to thank The Online School for helping us to continue learning..."
Student - Age 11 (Zambia)

Meet Talha, age 19.
He left school when he was 12 due to bullying surrounding his hearing impairment. The Online School was able to support him with private lessons with a speech and language therapist.

Talha left formal education at the age of 12 due to bullying he faced due to his hearing impairment. He then moved to Dubai, UAE where education is very expensive. 

Talha’s mother was able to reach out to The Online School and was able to get private lessons from a dedicated speech and language therapist.

"..I love it.."
Student - Age 19 (UAE)

For any inquiries please email or reach out to us on social media