The Life Skills Centre - Lusangazi, Zambia

Giving Children Useful Skills Globally

We at The Online School are all absolutely delighted – we are officially working in partnership with primary school teacher Abraham Zulu in Lusangazi, Zambia and with the agreement of the local tribes-people to have the sole use of a disused building for a Life Skills Centre!  

So, what is The Life Skills Centre? 

First, let me take you back a while.  We originally connected with Abraham through the education network on LinkedIn.  We were inspired by Abraham’s dedication to teaching local children and felt moved to help spread education to more children and young people in Lusangazi.  The Online School paid for Abraham’s mobile data so he could hotspot the internet and bring children from the local village to come and attend live and interactive lessons with us.  

We even caught the attention of the BBC! Our work is specifically documented from 2 minutes 7 seconds in the video on this page.

Fast forward through many months of this work.  We realised we were still unable to reach some children so, together with Abraham, we came up with an initiative to help children and young adults who do not have access to the internet or a traditional education…and so The Life Skills Centre concept was born!  

 Now we have sole use of a great venue for The Life Skills Centre and we can really start to get things moving.  Here’s Abraham with an update from the location. 

The Life Skills Centre will be a place where children and young people can learn invaluable lessons that will set them up with the mental tools to get on in life and help them succeed.  Without this, local Lusangazi children have very few opportunities in life and many spend their days herding cattle. 

Here are just a few examples of what we will achieve through The Life Skills Centre. 

  • Provide life survival skills that will help the children financially when they leave. 
  • Equip the children with technology skills i.e. computer basics. 
  • Empower the children with starter packs i.e. sewing machines, barbing machines, salon equipment etc. 

The Online School remains dedicated to making quality education accessible worldwide, even if that means taking it offline, and we will keep you posted along the way with regular updates.