Lesson Pricing & Timetable

Buy a Monthly Group Lesson Package That Works With Your Lifestyle and Needs

You can book 1 Lesson/Week package by clicking on the link below. We will contact you to within 24 hours to begin your onboarding.

If you want more than 1 lesson per week then we highly recommend a free consultation with a member of the school. Here we can help understand your child’s needs and where they want to be. We can then work with you to create a learning plan that is going to definitely yield progress. 

1 Lesson/Week

£ 40
Per Month
  • 4 Live Lessons ...Per Month
  • Any Subject
  • Best for extra ...tuition
  • Homework ...Included

2 Lessons/Week

£ 75
Per Month
  • 8 Live Lessons ...Per Month
  • Max of 2 ...subjects
  • Best for school ...catch up
  • Homework ...Included

3 Lessons/Week

£ 110
Per Month
  • 12 Live Lessons Per Month
  • Max of 3 ...subjects
  • Best for Exam Prep
  • Homework Included

More Than 3 Lessons/Week

£ Bespoke
  • Perfect for homeschoolers
  • Lessons around your time schedule
  • Build a custom learning plan around your child's goals

1:1 Private Lesson

£ £20-£35
  • Qualified and Trainee teachers available
  • Rates vary based on teacher chosen
  • Make a booking instantly
The days we teach each subject


Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays



Tuesdays and Sundays


Wednesdays and Fridays


Wednesdays and Sundays

Life Skills







The times we teach each subject for each age group

Morning Sessions

9am – 12pm UK BST

Year 1 – 4 

(Ages 5 – 9)

Afternoon Sessions

4pm – 7pm UK BST

Year 5 – 11

(Ages 10 – 16)


For any inquiries please email or reach out to us on social media