Here Are Our Prices For 2022/23 Academic Year​

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Trial Week from

£ 15
Per Week Per Subject
  • Choose the subjects you wish to try out
  • Pay for only a week's worth of lessons
  • See what it's like to learn with us before you commit
  • FREE Assembly with every purchase
  • Subjects will vary between 1-3 lessons per week*

Ready to Enrol from

£ 55
Per Month Per Subject
  • Enrol for as many subjects without any minimum requirements
  • All subjects are in line with getting students ready for IGCSEs
  • Homework tasks included
  • 1 FREE Assembly Per Week
  • Best Pick For: Home Educators

*Some subjects i.e. humanities are taught once per week so the cost will be £15, whereas some subjects i.e. maths may be taught twice per week so the cost will be £30 etc. You will see the number of lessons per subject when you are completing your enrolment order.

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We take the time to help our students feel empowered, motivated individuals who have the skills and the confidence to get what they want from life.

We’re not a mainstream schooling experience online, we are a home education solution that is designed to make education fun and easy to access for your child.

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