How To Deliver A Great Lesson Online

Here is our guide on how to ensure you keep all of your students engaged in class and ensure you get the best rating possible

Internet speeds can vary across the students in your class. Some students may not be able to hear you so just make sure you regularly check in with your class to make sure they can hear you clearly. Do this at the beginning of the lesson and whenever a new student may join in the middle of your lesson. This can be done via voting, chatbox or using your audio.

Lockdown has been tough on students and adapting to school moving online has been difficult too for some. So definitely do your best to ensure your learning outcomes are met but make sure your students have the opportunity to speak at least every 5 minutes. Otherwise they may as well as use Youtube!

Ask your students to do mini tasks in the lesson which may require a minute or 2 of their time to get busy and use their brains. 

Classroom voting couldn’t be easier for a teacher to initiate. Just click on one of the preset polls such as Yes/No, ask your students a question and watch them get excited about having a say!

The more polls you do, the more your students will feel like they are in the hot seat at Who Wants to Be A Millionaire!

Students can collaborate with yourself and other students by drawing lines, shapes and writing text on your slides. So use these features to encourage participation.

Most importantly... Have fun teaching!


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