Life Skills

remember that 

There is more to life than just being book smart

TheOnlineSchool.UK have pioneered the Life Skills program. This program has been devised with the single aim of providing young people with the practical skills and knowledge required to succeed through in life across emotional and practical scenarios that are to do with everyday life and it’s respective challenges.

For example we teach children: 

How to spot opportunities and how to create solutions for ideas 

How to use logic to win arguments

How to be selfless

How to stay calm

How to become braver

And much much more!

Live Life Skills lessons are available for you to enrol your child on, please speak to your parent account manager or to book them in yourself through your student dashboard.

We are also launching our life skills workbook which is a great way for students to work on some of the most important skills they’ll ever need on regularly in their own time.

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