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Live Lessons for Ages 5-18 available 7 days a week

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How To Enrol At The Online School

We Have Been Helping Students To Continue Learning Safely Through The Pandemic Since March 2020.

Click on the “Book Meeting Now” button below and it will take you to a calendar where you can choose an available date and time to see a member of our leadership team about registering your child at The Online School.

We do this because we value every child and want to know how we can support your child’s learning through this pandemic.

We use the induction as an opportunity to learn more about your child and their needs. If you have any school reports or copies of topics covered already by your child’s current school then please bring these with you to the induction.

We work with you to decide what subjects are best for your child to take.

You can choose from Maths, English, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Coding and Life Skills.

Tell us your preferred timings for attending live lessons. We will then ensure that there are teachers available to deliver lessons at those agreed time slots.

You can choose to pay as you go for £10/lesson. 

Or you can choose from one of the following packages:

Group of 4 Lessons – £35/month

Group of 8 Lessons- £60/month

Group of 16 Lessons- £120/month

Group of 20 Lessons- £145/month

You are also able to receive private 1:1 lessons at £20 – £45/hour.

We give your child an online assessment to complete whilst we brief their teachers about your child joining their classes as well as agreeing teaching content.

You will then receive access to live group lessons through our platform at the times you requested by amazing teachers that your child will love!

You can join classes when it’s time for them to start through our platform. Once the lesson has finished the lesson recording will be made available in the “complete” section of your dashboard.

We have a moderation team that watch over our classrooms and are there to ensure there is no bad behaviour and to support incase of any technical difficulties. We also have some cool code on our chatbox that makes sure that no one can share emails, phone numbers, links to other websites or say any rude words.

All of our teachers are familiar with the major exam boards, have a good understanding of exam techniques and will work with your child to ensure they are well prepared for their official assessments.

How It Works For Students & Parents

Make an Account

Review what teachers you want your child to learn from by watching previous recordings of their lesson


Enrol for Classes

Click on “Add Class” once on your dashboard to see our available classes and teachers.

Choose the subject, age group, and time that suits you.

Make Payment

Click on “Enrol” on the lesson you want.

Buy a single lesson or subscribe to a monthly lesson plan.

Monitor Progress

Keep track on how your child is using The Online School.

 You can also see what topics they have covered and what they still need to go through.

Check Out This Video On How To Add Lessons

Meet Some of Our Amazing Teachers

All of our teachers have real classroom experience and have a professional teaching qualification, or are working towards one.

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Art & ESOL Teacher

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English Teacher

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English & Maths Teacher

Here's Some of Our Students

"...I really like all my teachers..."
Student - Age 8 (UK)
"...I want to thank The Online School for helping us to continue learning..."
Student - Age 11 (Zambia)


We have formulated some amazing partnerships to ensure The Online School can thrive.

Teaching Universities

We have an official partnership with Sheffield Hallam University who have agreed to provide us with teaching staff.

Instagram Teacher Accounts

@teachersforteachers is a popular instagram account (with over 100k followers) that provides engaging content for teachers globally. We’re able to reach out to this engaged audience to supercharge our teaching supply.

International Ambassadors

We have ambassadors for The Online School in 18 countries. They are able to help us better understand the cultural landscape in their respective countries but are also instrumental in helping us to reach out to vulnerable communities within their localities.

Official Charity Partnership

The Online School has teamed up with Team Humanity who primarily help save refugees in Greece. We are working with them to create an “always-on” Online Schooling Hub within Camp Moria (which is home to more than 5,000 children).


For any inquiries please email or reach out to us on social media