Reasons To Home School With Us


  1. Flexibility. Do you need flexibility and total choice over subjects & teachers that your child has? 

If so, we offer a variety of subjects in line with the UK curriculum which are delivered by qualified and experienced teachers.


  1. We Understand Children. We are here to support children beyond academics. 

If your child has any kind of emotional or additional need then we can support.  We create a safe environment for them to come and grow online. We have a zero-tolerance approach towards bullying, we have special technology that disallows rude words and contact details to be shared in classrooms. We also have moderators in every classroom to make sure your child is protected 


  1. SafetyAre you worried about your child’s academic development due to COVID? 

 If going to school is one of your main concerns then learning online with The Online School is definitely the best place to be. Your child will be able to study without having to worry about picking up germs from other students.  


  1. Socialise and Make Friends.  Will your child develop their social skills online? 

Definitely. We have activities for children to meet up online in a safe and secure environment and to connect with other students so they don’t have to miss in person learning benefits of having friends. 


  1. Assessment & Reports. How will you know if your child learning? 

We have regular progress reports that are sent out weekly to let parents know what their child is attending, their behavior and direct comments from their teachers. We also have parents’ evening where you will have the chance to speak to your child’s teachers. 


  1. CostWill my household be able to afford this type of education? 

Given the quality of education, talented teachers, flexible class hours and friendly staff the institution has to offer, this is one of the most affordable online schools around. 


Here's a look at some of

Our Achievements

Since March 2020

We've helped over

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children continue learning for free
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check out our work in africa covered by bbc

We've helped hundreds of vulnerable communities continue learning since the beginning of the pandemic

This mini-documentary shows our Zambian ambassador, Abraham Zulu talking about how he was able to facilitate and support young girls from his community to take lessons through The Online School.

Meet Some of Our Students

"...I love it..."
Student - Age 19 (UAE)

Talha left formal education at the age of 12 due to bullying he faced due to his hearing impairment. He then moved to Dubai, UAE where education is very expensive. 

Talha’s mother was able to reach out to The Online School and was able to get private lessons from a dedicated speech and language therapist.

"...I want to thank The Online School for helping us to continue learning..."
Student - Age 11 (Zambia)

Chosen is a young girl from a remote village called Lusangazi which is in Zambia. Amongst other children from her village, Chosen and her friends attend live lessons through a laptop that is supplied by a local teacher named Mr Zulu. 

The Online School support Chosen’s community with 4G data bundles to allow the students to connect Mr Zulu’s laptop to receive live lessons.


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